STILL WATER," written by Ossa Earliece, is woven around Chief Godspower (Ejike Asiegbu) the protagonist and his friend and partner John Oduma (Bimbo Manuel); both were partners in the illicit trade of oil bunkering but greed causes Chief Godspower to set up his partner John Oduma; falsely accused with a trump up charge, John spends 28 years in  jail. His eventual release was based on the prerogative of mercy. John's release from prison heightens the tension in Chief Godspower's camp as his intrigues, illegality and years of deceitful cover ups are about to be exposed.

While John was incarcerated, Chief Godspower plotted his way into the heart of John's only child and daughter Jane (28); born a few months after John was imprisoned. Chief appeared on the scene as an altruistic benefactor to John's family to aid John's wife Furo (Hilda Dokubo) financially but in reality was strategically positioning himself to be the sole beneficiary of a secret bank account held in trust in the name of Jane Oduma (Leesi Patrick).


Chief Godspower has over the years been making huge deposits from his illegal business into the said account thus making difficult for authorities to link it to him or his illicit trade.
His strategy is marry Jane, thus qualifying him to become a joint owner of the account.
Meanwhile, only one man makes lodgments into this account on Chief's behalf; Sampson. He was murdered by chief to bury any evidence that would link the account directly to him.


Unfortunately, investigators led by agent Skipper (Francis Duru) have been on Sampson's trail for a while; with his wife's cooperation, the bubble bursts. John's return from prison further rattles Chief Godspower as authorities now connect with him as an alibi. John was concerned about rescuing his only child and daughter Jane from the claws of his arch enemy Chief Godspower and avenging the injustice and betrayal meted out to him. Chief Godspower was  equally plotting to eliminate John; he made an attempt but failed.

Ultimately, despite years of connivance with certain unpatriotic elements in government, Chief Godspower was arrested and given a life sentence for economic sabotage, pipeline vandalism and murder.

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